Pragmatic Programming

We see ourselves as being early adopters, to have fast adaption means inquisitiveness and critical thinking, realism, and being “jacks-of-all-trades”.

If there is no legacy code we will use the following languages and frameworks.

Coding: Javascript, Typescript, Purescript
Frameworks: React, Redux, jQuery
Templating: HTML, React Components, Blade
Styling: CSS, Less, Sass

Coding: Javascript, Typescript, Purescript, PHP, C#, Java, Go

Frameworks: Laravel, Express, WordPress, MVC 5
Databases: Mysql, MaraiaDB, MongoDB
Caching: Memcached, Redis, IO
Environments: UNIX, Windows, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Coding: Frontend coding languages, and: C#, Java
Framework: React Native, Unity

Frameworks: Unity, PIXI.js, Phaser

Pragmatic Programming




Together with MadeMarketing (the original creators of the Eigenchauffeur website) we created a custom wordpress plugin to modernize the way people can book their ride (adding layovers and improving the flow / visuals).
We also made de backend talk with MoneyBird and created a custom CRM (Laravel based) which gives more insights in the business. The CRM in turn talks with wordpress using the Corcel Framework.

Games for Poki

Games for Poki

During our founders time at Poki, together with Poki’s game team, we created a bunch of beautiful fun games for the web.

Play: 1010 DeluxePlay: Max and Mink


Amongst other projects together with KoopMedia we created the new website for MotionBuilding. A building located in Amsterdam near Sloterdijk.

We also went “local” and created a website for the Haarlem Shopping Night.



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